What is Dance of the Spirit Moon

 Dance of the SpiritMoon is a Wiccan spiritual tradition created in 2005. Initially founded by two spiritual sisters, the tradition focuses on living a daily spiritual path, personal responsibility, community involvement, ethics and integrity.  The concept of this tradition is around the ability to create your own path while you are also celebrating the beauty of the Gods.  Acknowleging the natural momentum and song of live is one of the keys to living a daily spiritual existance; living within the full potential of spirituality. 

Two practitioners created the foundation for what came to be known as Dance of the Spirit Moon (DSM) without any expectations of where it would go from there.  To their amazement two students came along and would become the first students initiated into the DSM tradition besides the founders.

Two students were dedicated to the tradition in 2006.  Obsidian SylvanMoon became a third degree with the tradition on December 30, 2009 and serves with Amethyst Sage as High Priestesses of the tradition .

Our logo:

The logo of Dance of the Spirit Moon was created by Mica Hummingbird to represent the perfect combination of both the feminine and masculine aspects of deity.  The triple moon representing the Goddess and the upward crescent over the circle representing the God are joined together in harmony for all things are created as an embodiment of both energies.



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